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WhiteTEC is a leading sales, marketing and business improvement company, specialising in Automotive Retail. 

We provide practical and skilled expertise alongside our proven sales and marketing solutions, tailored to meet the needs and budget of auto retailers big and small across the UK.  

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Customer Retention

Better Customer Retention starts with better lead management and impactful simple customer communications, through multiple channels.

Campaigns, Sales Events, Lead Generation and Customer Care specialists.

Soft Skills Training

Emotional Intelligence training and coaching, to develop mindset and behaviours required in today's Dealers.

Helping your teams to adapt in a changing world.

Marketing +

Tailored and flexible marketing services, uniquely designed around the needs and goals of each individual retailer, and taking into account customer experience and customer satisfaction.

Direct Mail, Social Media, Email, SMS

Customer Contact

Sales Process led contact expertise - squeezing the extra that sales people leave behind. Filtering leads that take a little longer to close and keeps customers in a communication cycle.
Typically selling 5 - 10 extra cars a month.
Finance Renewals, Lost sales, Loyalty.


Executive and Sales Team Coaching

The most powerful tool to build Leadership, Management and Sales Staff capability. It beats training hands down, when you need to improve skills, mindset, and motivation.

5 Star Google Reviews

Integrated solutions to transform Sales and Customer Experience

Drive your business forward.

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