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Our Story

Over the years, we’ve been successfully working extensively with automotive retail, helping the dealer network and manufacturers to say “hello” to their customers, with outstanding results.  

WhiteTEC is a Sales and Marketing company – our website will tell you that in no time.  But while our Sales Events, Campaigns, Customer Contact solutions and customer engagement programmes are a huge part of who we are, ‘the why’ and the ‘how’ almost matter more than ‘the what’.

It’s easy to tell you what we do, it’s harder to explain why.  That’s where our philosophy, a different perspective, comes in.

At WhiteTEC, we fundamentally believe that successful selling is about listening, reading, understanding and anticipating customers’ needs at every touch point on their journey. Our aim is to help dealers, engage, educate and connect with customers.  Not about telling them what they already know.  This is what separates us from the competition.  Tomorrow’s skills today.  Competition is fierce.

A family owned business, with over 3 decades of sales experience and marketing and customer conversational know-how, we have seen old style techniques become out of date, replaced by a much needed, flexible, modern and fresh approach to selling cars.

That’s our starting point. In everything we do, from how we design a sales event or campaign to how we approach the delivery, we have ways to help you to engage better, sell more, improve your results, through our integrated services.  We also have professional coaches to get the best out of your team.  We do what we do because we believe our services, experience and insight can make your life that little bit happier, easier and better.

Since 2007, we became known for our simple and effective letter event and team coaching in the showroom – hands on.  We realised in 2019, that things were shifting and we started to craft our events and campaigns, virtually.  We do all this with rigour, honesty and care, using the latest techniques, best suppliers, the most trustworthy partners, surrounded by people who genuinely care about creating great results. 

That’s our why – we want you to know about the things you can’t see – our hidden depths.  We think about every aspect of retailer world, customer journey and your team.  Because your success matters and customers need to feel special and valued.

These are the things that tell you who we are.

We’re WhiteTEC.

Boost your sales and marketing efforts, through our tailored and cost effective solutions.

We do things differently to get you results

Our proven track record for getting results, extensive knowledge, expertise and resources position us to support and work with Dealerships to transform the way automotive retail does business.  Over the past 5 years, we have developed offerings and services focused on optimising technology and streamlining processes, whilst emphasising the importance of the ‘human touch’ into everyday conversations and transactions. 

We deliver effective versatile ‘innovative’ solutions to promote, educate and engage customers, at every point of the customer car ownership lifecycle.  We have the resources, facilities and capability to enable dealers to overcome the challenges of effective marketing, CRM and prospecting without Dealers having to invest significant amounts of money, time or resources.

We have the capacity and expertise to fulfil customer contact activities and marketing initiatives enabling Dealers to focus on their core business, ensuring its survival.  In addition to hands on support, to get the results and outcomes you desire, we can coach your team to develop leadership and management capability in-house, to improve productivity and transform performance, ensuring growth and prosperity. 

In these unprecedented times, we recognise that the way automotive retailers operate in all aspects of dealership activities and operations, is no longer relevant. The reality is, businesses need to plan for a different future, one that accounts for recognising the impact of the virus and the resulting business and society change over many months.  We are here to help.

Meet the people behind WhiteTEC

Simon White
Founder & Managing Director

Managing Director and Motor Trade through and through, in his early career he trained and gained his City & Guilds in Mechanical Engineering.  After a few years, working in a Ship Yard, he ventured into the world of car sales, as a Sales Exec for VAG. Simon really understands all there is to know about Automotive Retail and delivering sales targets and performance improvement. He has 36 years plus experience and proven track record as a Sales Coach, Business Consultant, Dealer Principal, Sales Manager and Sales Executive, within leading brands and National Dealer Groups. Simon continues to help WhiteTEC grow, through effective networking and engagement with both manufacturers and dealerships, building existing long term relationships as well as attracting new clients.  In addition, working virtually, Simon loves nothing more than getting to grips with dealer teams who are struggling to hit target or they need an experienced mentor to  drive excellent modern practices and better results. 

He has a clear grasp of how to intrigue customers and is able to hold conversations with customers to engage, excite and appoint them – providing a different perspective to sales execs, redirecting them into a new and more natural state of ‘flow’ with customers  – which really drives sales results. Simon coaches and teaches the essential ingredients for the modern sales person, product genius and transaction manager, the secret behind finding their ‘unique essence’ –  Simon is the Master Coach on selling with soul.

Jane White
Director | Operations & Client Services

Jane has three decades of b2c and b2b sales and marketing experience in financial services and auto retail as well as senior roles in delivering complex business improvements and organisation change within leading organisations. As a professional Executive, Mindset and Developmental Coach and Mentor, she gets to the heart of a situation quickly with a knack for understanding human behaviour. 

Since joining WhiteTEC in 2010 full-time, Jane is well known throughout the Retail Network, as an Event Coach and Programme Lead.  Since the Pandemic, Jane’s role has become virtual, coaching and supporting teams and sales leaders helping them thrive in the new working environment.  In addition, Jane is a key liaison and contact for dealers and teams, co-ordinating all aspects of our service offerings, to ensure a seamless delivery for all our clients, across the UK. 

Jane holds a Masters in Advanced Coaching from the University of West of England and is a CMI Graduate in Leadership and Management. With advanced understanding of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), she is a recognised Master Practitioner and an accredited NLP Trainer through the Board of ANLP.

Trusted by prestigious brands, independent dealers and groups across the UK

Our success is a product of the great people who make up our team, who ‘show-up’ and contribute, taking personal responsibility for being the best they can be, individually and collectively. We recognise that your people and your customers are your most valuable asset, which is why we strive to make every conversation and transaction memorable for the right reasons. And why so many of our customers and clients, leave us positive reviews and are happy to recommend us to other Dealers Groups and companies.

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