Dales of Cornwall

Dales of Cornwall Dealer Outbound Calling Programme September 2019 Dales of Cornwall Motor group is a family owned business representing Renault, Dacia Vauxhall, Suzuki and Seat. Quarter 3 presented Dales with yet another challenge with time running out Jeremy Rouse (Sales Director) came knocking with time running out, help was needed and fast for their […]

Taylors Vauxhall in Boston

Taylors Vauxhall Boston WhiteTEC Intrigue Letter Event Taylors Vauxhall were first-timers to WhiteTEC and their ability to help generate sales. After a recommendation from Vauxhall. Nathan Chapman (Dealer Principal) contacted WhiteTEC wondering what could be done to help them retail to success and avoid preregistrations. WhiteTEC had the solution, recommending their Intrigue Letter Event as […]

Accrington Garages Vauxhall

Accrington Garages Vauxhall Remote Contact Centre Appointment Making Programme Accrington Garages a small family owned Vauxhall Dealer located in the heart of Lancashire since 1993. Wal Singh (Managing Director) contacted us in late-August as he needed a final push to finish the Quarter on plan. With very little time, a solution was needed and fast. […]