Dales of Cornwall

Dales of Cornwall Dealer Outbound Calling Programme September 2019

Dales of Cornwall Motor group is a family owned business representing Renault, Dacia Vauxhall, Suzuki and Seat.

Quarter 3 presented Dales with yet another challenge with time running out Jeremy Rouse (Sales Director) came knocking with time running out, help was needed and fast for their Renault, Dacia, Seat and Vauxhall sites.

All though at short notice WhiteTEC came to the rescue with the solution, 4 days of prospecting across 4 brands was recommended. Jeremy gave the green light and left the rest to us.

Our in Dealer Outbound Calling programme lit the blue touch paper we achieved a total of 140 appointments. Dales had a great result selling 83 cars across the 4 brands.

Jeremy was delighted in fact overachieving on his original target and the cost of sale was less than £50.00 per unit.

“Yet again WhiteTEC have delivered what we needed making it happen and with such short notice great job well done, thanks for your help”

Jeremy Rouse Sales Director

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