Automotive Consultants Services


Our marketing, dealership sales and business improvement expertise enables dealerships to grow their business, attract new customers and build existing customer relationships through our unique services.

We provide you with a winning formula that really drives sales and customer enquiries for the modern showroom and service business.

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We get the phones ringing!


Sales Events tailored to meet dealerships unique needs


100% focused on quality conversations, appointments and customer experience


We convert, on average, 50% of inbound calls to appointment




Significant spike in car sales over a 5 day period +


Minimal disruption to day to day business activities


High return on your investment


Low cost of sale compared to other types of sales event




Our WhiteTEC sales events are simple and highly effective, and produce great results, irrespective of the size of dealership.


There are no gimmicks or bells and whistles, which is why our car sales events provide you with great value for money and a way for retailers to forge their way to success. In a nutshell, our sales events have been designed with you in mind – simple, focused and targeted at a small percentage of your database. Sales Managers and their teams love the no-nonsense event format and enjoy our professional and pro-active support.