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A full range of services to help dealerships succeed.

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We can scale with requirements & objective.

Manufacturers & Networks

30 years experience managing campaigns.

It's simple. We help you sell more cars.

WhiteTEC’s approach is focused on people, and also based on science.  Using our deep understanding of people and how they think and act, we help businesses and their people to gain clarity, make stronger connections and to have constructive, braver conversations. Working with Business Leaders, we provide coaching and change management expertise to facilitate new thinking and raise awareness either on a one to one basis or wider team. 

A wealth of hands-on industry experience and years of business consultancy means that WhiteTEC is a renowned partner for dealers and manufacturers across the country looking to tackle their sales targets head-on with solution that integrate seamlessly with any business structure and deliver results.

We want to create a new world of opportunity for Dealerships, helping them to adapt, evolve and survive in a changing competitive landscape; working in partnership with you to optimise in-house resources and freeing you up to focus on the business of cars. 

Car Sales Events

Carefully tailored virtual and traditional showroom events and campaigns to generate high quality appointments that easily convert to new car sales.

Training & Coaching

Develop an effective sales team with professional training and coaching designed around your dealership performance strategy.


Multi-channel marketing solutions that spearhead your quarterly objectives, retain customers and generate sales leads for your dealership.

Remote Call Handling

We provide cost effective prospecting, event follow-ups, post-appointment feedback and after sales campaigns and day to day support for dealerships.

Management Development

Whether experienced or new in role, equip your managers with the top performing, critical behaviours – to distinguish them from the average.

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Innovative solutions for car dealers

With more than 3 decades experience working in sales, finance and retail business management developing, motivating and inspiring individuals and teams, we help individuals unlock their potential and find great meaning in what they do. We help our clients achieve outstanding business results and outcomes – from improved sales, better customer retention, to better employee engagement and supporting them through change.

All of our services can be engaged individually to deliver a robust and proactive approach to sales targets, national marketing strategies and objectives. Combining our services to create an all-inclusive package offers even more value for money with a range of integrated marketing, sales and coaching solutions working in tandem for a dealer looking to hit sales numbers without breaking the bank. We are always determined to work hard for every success.