Sales Training

Unlock the full potential of your dealership with our innovative sales training

A growth mindset that improves sales efficiency

WhiteTEC offers a modern alternative using proven results and outcomes. These include the latest coaching and growth tools, sales techniques and harnessing the power of neurosciences to improve team efficiency.

Developing a passionate an engaged team is what we do. We help dealerships to differentiate themselves in the sales process by bringing value, integrity and professionalism that traditional car selling methods miss.

Car sales training that works

We have helped hundreds and hundreds of sales executives, sales managers and dealership staff in the UK. Our services meet the evolving needs of professionals in the Motor Industry and beyond, leaders, managers and those who value effective communications and stronger relationships.

Our coaching is not an instructional presentation as with many other providers. WhiteTEC Coaching keeps dealer innovation at the forefront. Many dealers are turning to coaching more and more to support sustainable people development and organisational change.

Hands-on dealer improvement coaching

WhiteTEC is a leading provider of coaching that many dealers see as irreplaceable. Our hands-on approach means that we really get to know each and every dealership, it’s team and its overall objectives – then delivering a tailored package of training and coaching in person or remotely. 

Effective training and coaching services for car sales teams helps businesses tap into enhanced revenue streams, improve sales efficiencies and optimise dealer processes holistically. 

We help to develop people into consultative selling and growth-orientated professionals that quickly adapt to different sales environments with ultimate goal of pleasing customers and selling more.

Dealer success and satisfaction is our priority