Car Sales Events

Harness the power of effective marketing and proven sales strategy to sell more.

Over 6,760

Events completed

Over 169,500

Cars sold by our events

Under £80

Average cost per sale

800% ROI

Average on our events

All-in-one sales events & customer engagement

WhiteTEC events have been designed with car dealerships in mind. We take care of everything you may need for a sales event or customer engagement programme Post COVID-19, our Virtual Showroom Events and Campaigns have been designed to work in partnership with your sales process and responsible retailing practices. 

We make it easy for you, at a reasonable cost, which is one of the reasons why our growing customer base come back to us time after time. Another reason is that we deliver great results for our dealers.

Extensively recognised by the Motor Industry, our events and marketing boost retail and LCV sales.

We partner with car manufacturers, dealer groups and independent operators across the UK to help sell cars the easy way.

We have developed our sales process based on a proven track record in motor trade sales events, coaching, management and customer experience management. We offer a wide variety of in-dealership showroom events and strategies, to help ensure your success.

Our unrivalled Sales Coaching and Event Support means that your team can focus on putting deals together and maximising each opportunity generated by your WhiteTEC event and marketing. We work with you to tailor the best approach to securing high quality appointments and inbound leads. 

Signature WhiteTEC Great News Event

We provide dealers with a cleverly worded letter to send to customers on their database, or we can send it out on your behalf and work with you to extract the best prospects from your CRM.

Customers are intrigued by the communication, sparking an inbound call into the dealership. Our dedicated coach works with the sales team to handle objections, maximise opportunity and get the most out of each conversation – ultimately resulting in qualified showroom appointments. 

Option 1: Onsite sales coaching allows the event to not only act as an effect generator of showroom appointments and inbound enquiries, but also valuable training for the team who can improve their sales tactics over the phone to get customers into the showroom.

Option 2: Remote sales coaching can also take place through video conference with screen share we can also deal with inbound calls for you to free your sales teams time to do what they do best.

WhiteTEC Loyalty Event

Aimed specifically at existing sales and service customers, our Loyalty Event delivers fantastic engagement that generates interest – and appointments. 

We take care of everything to design and implement your event, fully customised to dealership/manufacturer branding. 

  • Custom glossy invitation 
  • Online lead generation page
  • SMS & Email campaign
  • Sales Training for outbound calls
  • Post-event analysis 

This is a simple and effective event. Many of our dealers find the results to be consistently pleasing even when carried out multiple times a year 

WhiteTEC Switch & Save Event

This is our latest innovation in motor trade events, adapting to the changing marketplace and consumer behaviour. Our Switch & Save event is essentially three events in one package. 

A beautifully designed and cleverly worded invitation is sent to your customers which includes a special ‘early bird’ incentive for speedy engagement. 

An online lead generation page, fully dealer/manufacturer branded, is created to entice action before a certain deadline. Traffic is brought here from a tactical email and SMS campaign delivered to your customers. 

Light event POS is provided and our sales coach delivers onsite support and training for outbound calls, handling walk-in customers and more.

All-New: Virtual Sales Events

Driving appointments for the new normal. Our Virtual & Showroom Upgrade event generates showroom, phone and Virtual appointments with an A5 mailer, Microsite, Email and SMS campaign all in one. We also include outbound prospecting by our Contact Centre who make out bound calls as you, to boost appointments. Every customer is sent a unique QR code for ease of Microsite access our link tracking highlights customer activity so we know the hot leads to prospect. Also, we provide future sales opportunities and data cleansing so your data is GDPR compliant and fit for the future.

Do remember that all our offerings can be built around your local needs; from event strap line, event message, the level of support we provide and much more.

Run Rate Rescue by WhiteTEC

WhiteTEC’s contact centre based in the UK can make meaningful contact with dealership customers to inform them of special updates and changes to business operations in what is now ‘the new normal’. These conversations help to nurture existing customers, generate sales leads and gather vital CRM updates. 

Pre-qualified leads can be assigned to sales teams for remote appointments, or carefully scheduled for controlled showroom visits. This is an effective way or contacting high numbers of customers and softly gaining interest in purchasing a new car, helping to close the gap on month-end sales targets.


Dealer success and satisfaction is our priority