Coaching & Mentoring

Developing a modern leadership style and mindset with professional coaching techniques.

Clearer Mind, Better Performance, Bigger Results

Learn to clear your mind and think like a winner.  We all have so much going on.  A tonne of paperwork, targets, customers, reports, meetings, audits, car transporter deliveries, showroom updates, marketing updates from the manufacturers, stock, stock checks….list longer than your arm.

Then there is the other stuff, money, kids, wife, life, deadlines.  With all of this buzzing around in our heads, it’s often an absolute nightmare to try to concentrate on any one thing! 

Sound familiar? 

Deepen your grounding so you can make a difference to your team, your business.  Get clarity.

What’s the number one results that you believe would have the biggest positive impact on your team or business? 

Who is your dangerous competitor?  What do I need to do to get my team working producing more?  How ….

It’s common sense to evaluate the threat they present.  But all to often preoccupation slips into round and round thinking.  So what have they got up their sleeves? What are they about to do that we don’t know about?

Nobody does their best thinking when they are preoccupied. And when you’re preoccupied, it always seems like you need more…

More thinking…

Here’s a thing… you and your team already have the capacity to capitalise on the opportunities ahead.  

We have experience in this area, the basis for the kind of vision, direction and bold leaps that ‘hit the ball’ where the competition isn’t.



Here's how you will know if you're a good fit for WhiteTEC Clarity

Your Dealership is probably a leader in the pack of local dealers or nationally.

Your culture values experimentation, innovation and learning 

You know, that resilience confidence and clarity are your biggest assets in times of change, uncertainty and bigger targets

You recognise that emerging ‘winner takes all’ dynamics require a bold thinking, vision and action.

You know you and your team can’t get where you want to go with busy, preoccupied minds; that you need clarity to create the future you desire.

Here's how it works

You can book a 22 minute suitability call so we can exchange high-level information and assess suitability and fit. 

We schedule an intake session to get clarity on what success looks like, giving you an experience of what’s possible for you and your team in the process.

If we agree you are a good fit , we will propose a programme and a brief pilot to deliver quick wins and immediate impact.

We then evaluate and determine next steps based on insights, realizations and results you are getting.


Dealer success and satisfaction is our priority