Management & Leadership Training

Developing a leadership mindset with science-backed coaching techniques.

Change management, leadership skills and growth mindset

Here at WhiteTEC, we not only offer a fantastic training and coaching solution for sales teams and customer service employees, we also work directly with people in leadership and management roles to help develop their skillset and increase output. 

From harnessing the best management skills to self-diagnosing leadership strains, our in-house solution is backed by world-leading NLP disciplines that have a proven result on business profitability and people management. 

Remotely or in person, we can discuss the immediate needs of business stakeholders to address management optimisation requirements.  

This can include re-training traditional leaders to adopt highly effective methods of managing teams for improved results and productivity. We work one-to-one or on a group basis to help each manager unlock their full potential. Creating and nurturing a growth mindset, backed by neuroscience and years of experience, allows dealers and other businesses to succeed. 

More than management consultancy

WhiteTEC goes above and beyond when it comes to delivering a management consultancy solution. 

From years of research and experience gained in the field, we have developed core principles built on NLP and other neuroscience disciplines that can help leaders unlock their full potential in both their career and personal life. 

Each service we provide to those in management and higher levels of business is bespoke to the specific needs, goals and obstacles of that person or organisation, and we always outline the most effective route to success.

What can NLP do for management teams?

Dealers and businesses we work with see improved employee retention, productivity, revenue growth and efficiencies. We always aim to break down barriers to growth specific to each dealer we work with – there’s never a ‘one size fits all’ approach to our car dealer management training and coaching. 

Implementing the rules of change management, leadership and decision making is just the start of new horizons for those working with WhiteTEC’s in-house NLP therapist. 

Managers and leaders that work with WhiteTEC will learn improved diagnosis skills, people management, emotional intelligence, body language and framing techniques – and so much more.

Dealer success and satisfaction is our priority