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What is Personal Development & Effectiveness?

It means optimising all the resources you have at your disposal – talents, skills, strengths, energy and time – to enable you to achieve your goals and targets at work and more.

Most people aspire to reach their full potential, to do their jobs to the best of their ability, and in an efficient and productive way.  However, most people need to overcome personal barriers, that are holding them back to do this.

These barriers are often personal and can be explained such as a lack of self-awareness, skills, motivation or confidence.

The Magic Starts here...

Our personal development and effectiveness trainings and 1:2:1 and Group Coaching will help you build a better business, an inspired and motivated team.  

We have taken all of the most successful tools and techniques, learned through international NLP and Personal Development master trainers and coaches, and created unique experiential learning that will transform performance and mindsets. 

Positive and profound changes are the result when your employees and managers experience our live group workshops, trainings and 1:2:1 coaching – at a venue of your choice or virtually, via Zoom or Teams – or via our open trainings programme.

People Development that creates real behaviour change

We all know that some learning programmes are valuable, while others miss the mark.  WhiteTEC know why…because the ‘how’ of learning is just as important as the ‘what’.  

WhiteTEC always place a heavy emphasis on experiential learning alongside coaching to embed new ways of working and being.  The learning is always aligned to achieving your goals, and to create the desired customer experiences – to have an impact that matters!

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Personal Effectiveness Blueprint

Our courses are designed to help you take control of your work and maximise your skills.  You’ll learn techniques to prioritise and use your time efficiently, understanding strengths as well as discover barriers to personal effectiveness and how to overcome them.

  • Managing Self
  • Managing Time
  • Managing Stress 

Leadership : Make Your Performance Shine

Our Leadership Development Courses help you learn how to let your best qualities radiate into work and the world so people get who you are and what you have to offer.

We have developed a 4 Part Series for Leadership Development over 12 months, with 1:2:1 coaching included.

Lead: 6 Skills to be a great Leader.

Lead + Live: Practices to Live and Thrive.

Lead + Live Advanced: 6 Practices to Master the art of thriving.

Lead Advanced: 6 Skills to be the Ultimate Senior Leader. 

These straight-shooting modules will enable you to understand what it takes to deliver a shining performance and stand out from the crowd.  You will learn how to innovate, inspire and lead in a way that creates ‘value security’.  Because when you shine you can write a ticket for any opportunity you desire…any opportunity.

We provide a succinct and broad view of the importance of various elements of leadership in today’s Automotive Retail context. With tools for achieving goals by making small changes: small changes that lead to big wins, and protect yourself from burnout.


Tap into your inner potential

The difference that makes the difference – in personal performance and communication. Based on principles of NLP and cutting edge tools and techniques to improve personal performance and raise self-awareness, our 2 day training (with coaching available as an additional option post course) provides a solid foundation for helping individuals to understand their strengths, the importance of goal setting and influential communication.  

We demonstrate how to best manage conflict and the value of praise and appreciation.  On Day 2, we look at time management techniques.  Planning and prioritisation and decision-making practices.  We explore self-confidence and self-discipline and the importance of positive mindset and much more.  

After this course, people always feel highly motivated, because they recognise they have learned a lot of valuable info which can be put to good use straight away to the benefit of themselves and others.

If you want to discover more about this training and other bespoke trainings then get in touch.


The way the sessions were delivered each day was captivating. Jane is an excellent trainer, who possesses an energy and enthusiasm that is contagious. Her knowledge, story-telling and ability to hold space made the whole process of learning for me, outstanding.

Emilie G, Sales Manager


One of the best secrets of Successful people

You would never expect an athlete to reach the Olympic Games without a world-class coach.  Nor would you expect a professional football team to enter the stadium without a whole team of coaches.  Well, today coaching has moved into the business and personal realm.

Of all the successful people do to accelerate their trip down their path of success, participating in some kind of coaching program is top of the list. WhiteTEC is passionate about helping individuals succeed. Specialist coaching expertise includes Women in Sales Coaching, career coaching to supercharge your career and supporting men and women to be outstanding in their role, developing emotional intelligence, leadership skills, handling difficult situations, handling stress and much, much more.  

Coaching will help you clarify your vision and goals, support you through your fears, keep you focused on priorities, sort through opportunities, confront your unconscious behaviours and old patterns. 

Life changing in all ways.  Coaching is about commitment and accountability – helping you determine the steps and supporting you to take the actions necessary to get you there. 

Set yourself or your team on a path to extraordinary success, with 1:2:1 coaching on Zoom or Teams. Email or call to arrange a free initial chat and to see if we are a great fit. 

Your Path to Success.
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