Sales Leadership Coaching

Personal Help and Support to develop your skills and be the best you can be.

Sales Leadership Coaching

Let the WhiteTEC Team help you to become a professional Sales Leader and Coach, who understands (and is in control) of everything that happens in your Sales Team or area of responsibility.


Work with you own dedicated Coach to move your business and team through our proven framework from where you are now, to the point where it delivers the targets and objectives – and all that goes with that in terms of successful business, team and career.


Jane is quite simply an excellent coach. Prior to meeting Jane, I had been considering coaching but wasn't sure if it was for me. How wrong could I be! I met Jane, at a time when I was new in role. Jane's energy, insight and empathy, and her lovely way with people, left me in no doubt, she could really help me become the best version of myself, at a time, when I was on a mission to add value and create a successful team. I felt I needed support - and it was Jane. Since 2020, my career has continued to flourish, with a promotion to GSM and a strong set of results. Jane has helped me evaluate situations, clarify my objectives and thinking, develop multiple strategies to achieve real results in my career, my team and my life. I have never felt so empowered, encouraged and confident....I would highly recommend.
Ali Byers
GSM, (soon to be GM!) Edwards KIA & Mazda

Empowering Success: Get a Coach

Getting a professional coach is like having a ‘personal trainer’ for your career and business.  A Coach gets to know you, prescribe the right ‘exercises’ and keeps you accountable, hold your feet to the fire, help you get clarity and help you crack your journey to success in Sales and business Leadership.

We are professional coaches and mentors who have been trained and put through our paces in a variety of leadership roles.  So if you’re a ambitious sales manager or business leader looking for personal 1:1 support – click below and arrange a free 30 Minute consultation.


Why is Leadership Coaching So effective?

Coaching develops self awareness and develops your ability to be an effective communicator. These empower individuals to lead authentically and foster impactful connections within their teams.

In navigating challenges, gaining clarity through coaching is also paramount for making informed decisions, inspiring teams and achieving lasting success.

Build your leadership capabilities.  Our coaching goes beyond sales, focusing on cultivating effective leaders who drive success at every level of your organisation.

And then there is Change. Coaching helps you to navigate industry transitions with confidence.  Our coaching prepares you and your team for change, ensuring a seamless adaptation to new challenges.

Whether new in role, you want clarity, want to build your personal power or simply want to be the best version of you to earn more and achieve the success you dream of – You can have it all!

Get the support you need, to make it happen.

Let’s get started.

"WhiteTEC's Sales Leadership Coaching is the linchpin of success."

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