Taylors Vauxhall in Boston

Taylors Vauxhall Boston WhiteTEC Intrigue Letter Event

Taylors Vauxhall were first-timers to WhiteTEC and their ability to help generate sales.

After a recommendation from Vauxhall. Nathan Chapman (Dealer Principal) contacted WhiteTEC wondering what could be done to help them retail to success and avoid preregistrations.

WhiteTEC had the solution, recommending their Intrigue Letter Event as a great way to get dealers phone to ring. With coached support and appointment making success was guaranteed.

Nathan put his trust in WhiteTEC to deliver what was needed. All he had to do was supply the data and left the rest to WhiteTEC.

With 2 sold on the day appointment making day things were looking good. Day 2 and 15 were sold with still more deals to be done in October and November.

Nathan was delighted and surprised as to what WhiteTEC made so easy simply making appointments without prospecting and totally hassle free.

“We don’t normally have sales events and didn’t know what to expect. The event was a huge success and all of the WhiteTEC team helped us achieve a big result”.

 Nathan Chapman Dealer Principal

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